Venetico and Spadafora - the Feu of the Feuds

Venetico and Spadafora offer- proof of the Spadafora feudal family precence in a vast territory, once called "The Feud of the Feuds". We find the remains of the Castle of Venetico, partly damaged by the earthquake 'Of 1908 and the Castle of Spadafora, who instead is used tor cultural events. In medieval times in Venetico there was four families of peasants. In the thirteenth century it was granted to the brothers Simon and Raìnero of Venetico, which gave name to the feud. In the square outside the church of San Nicola stands the monumental fountain to the sìxteenth century, surmounted by a small statue of a mermaìd, with the arms ofthe Spadafora. You can visit the Churches of St. Anne, in Venetico Superior, a baroque church dating backto 1662, lmmaculate, in Top Venetico, built in 1618, is located in the homonymous square, Santa Caterina d'Alessandria, a Superior Venetico, buìlt in eighteenth century and restored in 1987, Souls of Purgatory (California Superior), Our Ladyof Mount Caramel and Our LadyofGrace (Veneto Marina).

In the center of Spadafora town stands the castle of the same name, whose structure dates back to the second half of the XV century. Originally, according to some, it was only a watchtower, outpost of the castle of Venetico. The tower was extended around the 500, becoming the castle of which remains: 

Today only the centrai part, whìch is the most important artistic and cultural heritage of Spadafora. You can also visit the Church of St. Joseph, built a round the end of '500, that was originally the family chapel of the Princes Spadafora, and the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which owes its name to the incident he witnessed Santa Maria Margherita Lacoque, where Jesus appeared to his heart in his hand. The new promenade is perfect for beach lovers and for those who enjoy walking.
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