Tindari, the Lakes anfthe Greek Theatre

Tindari overlooking the Gulf of Patti. Of great interest are the archaeological finds that can read its ancient history: the large external walls of the city, the Roman amphitheater, the basilica, baths, houses and streets with important mosaics, are testimony to its former greatness. The theater was built in Greek forms in the late fourth century BC and later remodeled in Roman times, with a new decoration and adaptation to host the games for the amphitheater.

Since 1956 it houses an arts festival that includes events in dance, music, and, of course, theater. At the eastern end of the promontory, overlooking the sea at the ancient acropolis is the Sanctuary, which houses the statue of the Black Madonna, whose origins are linked to a legend according to which the sculpture, conveyed bysea, preventedthe ship again after he hadtaken refuge in the bayTindari to escapethe storm. The sailors, the load deposited on the ground, thinkingthat this was to preventthe carriage, and only when they brought the statue, the ship could sail. The statue was then heated on the hill above, inside a small church that had to be subsequently enlarged several times to accommodate the pugrirns, attracted bythe fame ofthe miraculous statue.

At the base ofthe promontory it is a sandy area with a series of small ponds, whose conformation changes following the movements of sand pushed by storm surges, Accordingto legend, the beach would miraculouslyformed afterthefall of a giri trdmthe terrace of the sanctuary, then found safe and sound on the beachjust created forthe withdrawal ofthe sea. Tindari inspired the title of a mystery novel by Andrea Camilleri's Montalbanoseries, Thetripto Tindari. Moreover, even Salvatore Quasimodo wrote poetry Wind Tindari. In "Verrine", Cicerone dwells at length on Tindari and pillage the citysuffered duringthe magistracyofVerre.
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