Milazzo, the Castle and Capo Milazzo

Milazzo is a town waiting to be discovered. In the center stands the imposing neo-classicaI Town Hall, the starting point of the beautiful promenade, the "Marina Garibaldi". The oldest part oftown is the "Borgo" where stands the Castle, with its imposing Spanish town and many buildings as the Old Cathedral, built from 1608 to designs by Camillo Camillani (Fiorentine school of Michelangelo) and the Palace of the Jurors, based the Senate of the City of Milazzo, built in the early '300. On a spur of the nearby medieval walls which look towards the hill, and down down tothe beach, stands the figure of a beetle, accurate index ofthe summer solstice. In the "Borgo" in addition to historic religious buildings rise night cafes to spend your evenings. From here we come to Capo Milazzo, a promontory that extends for 5 km in the Tyrrhenian Sea, with villas, towers, forts and other vantage points. At the end of the promontory there's a church in the Rock, dedicated to S. Antonio da Padova

Returning from Capo Milazzo you will arrive in Monte Trino, one of the most beautiful vantage points where you can dominate the whole city on one side and the other, see the coast from Capo Rasacolmo to Capo Calavà. Another vantage point is the Manica, where we can admire the 'Baia del Tono" (locally known as "Ngonia", from greek, creek) from where it begins a beautiful, flat sandbar about 5 miles long accompanied by a road coast that runs parallel to the sea. Here the beach sand and pebbles make the water crystal clear, so you can spend relaxing days on the beach and admire a beautiful sunset. 
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