Cefalù, the Cathedral

Cefalù is situated 70 km from Palermo, at the foot of a rocky promontory. The town, which is part of the Madonie is included in the club of the most beautiful towns in ltaly, and has a medieval old town with narrow streets, paved with pebbles on the beach and limestone rock. Of particular interest is the Cathedral /Basilica, built in 1131 by Ruggero Il: has three aisles divided by tali columns, with capitals figured, in the right aisle there is a Romanesque font, while in the middle bright mosaics of the twelfth century reflect the Sicilian sunlight; the windows of the single-light windows are the work of Michele Canzoneri. Attached to the cathedral is a cloister of the twelfth century, destroyed by fire during 1500, in Piazza del Duomo alternate some baroque palaces such as the seminary, the Episcopal Palace, the Piraino Palace and the Maria Palace. Leaving the Piazza del Duomo and walk along Corso Ruggero you reach Carlo Ortolano of Bordonaro street which is the axis linkingthe two ancient ports "Giudecca" and "Mare", along Vittorio Emanuele street, meet the Norman church of San George and a medieval lavatory.

Worthy of interest is the Mandralisca Museum, home to antique marbles, coins, paintings and shells. Among the works of the museum, we can mention the famous Portrait of an Unknown attributed to Antonello da Messina, an oil painting of 1465. lnteresting to visit, even if difficult to reach,is the Rock of Cefalù, which offers a splendid view over the city. In addition to the remaìns of the fortìfications, here stands the tempie of Diana.From August 2 to 6 is the festival of SS. Salvatore, owner of the Cathedral: the afternoon of the last day of the celebration takes place in a competition called Antinna a mari, which sees young and old fishermen prosthesis to the conquest of a colored flag attached to the tip of a very long trunk set into the sea, made slippery from soap.
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